The College Chronicles | Johnny在MIT踢了一场足球比赛

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Johnny Finds His First Party

Johnny finishes a soccer game and ends up at MIT



“2 – 0…I can’t believe we couldn’t score a single goal,” said Johnny dejectedly as he took a sip of his lemon-lime Gatorade.

“Ah, don’t worry dude. It’s just rec soccer,” Cameron, the goalie on Johnny’s team, chuckled.

“Yeah…there’s always next week.” Johnny smiled.

Having played a few games now as part of the Rec club, Johnny was adjusting to its relaxed environment. Although they had formal teams, the matches were friendly and if someone randomly showed up, all they had to do was put their name on the roster in order to play.


“Anyway…there’s a party tonight at MIT, you down?” Cameron asked Johnny.

“Let’s do it,” Johnny replied.

After feasting on chicken parm and pasta in the dining hall, or what Cameron called a “carbo loading,” Johnny headed back to his dorm to get ready and chill.  When it was 11:00, he met up with Cameron and they ventured across the river to MIT.

Once they approached the building, they could see many people arriving and leaving the party. Entering the lobby, Cameron led Johnny to a shabby, old elevator that creaked when they stepped inside. As it rose, with each passing floor the boom of music became louder. Finally, with a ding! the doors slid open.

The entire hallway was lit with excitement as Johnny and Cameron walked into the main room. Johnny grabbed a beer, Natty Lite, which he slowly sipped as he scanned the room. College students from nearby schools had gathered for the event, each interacting with their own group. However, there was one girl standing by herself across the room. Johnny could see she was Chinese too, and she looked cute!

“JELLO-SHOTS!!!” a random frat guy shouted as he approached them with a tray of jiggly green cubes.

With a huge grin, Cameron nudged Johnny’s shoulder.

“Alright, let’s see how many we can do at once!” shouted Cameron.

Johnny was nervous about having so much alcohol at once. He had never drunk that much before, and was worried about the effects. But before he could object, Cameron spoke again.

“Ah, c’mon man, don’t worry. It’s mostly sugar anyway,” Cameron said.

Johnny could save his good judgment for tomorrow. Tonight was about trying new things, and besides, he didn’t want to let his new friend down.

Cameron and Johnny grabbed a handful each, looked at each other, and raced to finish them as fast as they could. Johnny scanned the room again as he was considering saying hello to the girl. But she was gone.

“Let’s get lit, fam,” Cameron proposed, as he reached for yet another drink.

The College Chronicles

This WeChat series developed by App-Ark tells the story of Johnny and Lily - two Chinese freshman studying at fictional colleges in Boston. These weekly articles illustrate the opportunities, issues and interactions international students have to navigate abroad.


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